Self Learning — Day One of Home Study

Today was the first day of home study of our two week at Andela boot camp. I woke up with lots of excitement. Having to work from home, in an environment that i am used to and get to work in pyjamas. Thats so cool. Don’t you think? Or not? I started the day psyched up. Ready for any challenge that the day might bring along my way. But as they say, life has its own surprises in store for everyone. I breezed through the first lab in a matter of minutes. I was so ecstatic. I had a good feeling about myself and could already see myself one step closer to becoming an Andelan. When i tried to submit that first lab however, it just wouldn’t. I was at a loss. I tried everything but i still wouldn’t.

After a bit of soul searching, i decided to head to slack team channel and maybe enquire from the team if there was anyone had managed to submit their work. At first i was unsure if i would ask a question. “How is everyone gonna think of me if i am having problems with even the most basic of assignments?” I thought to myself. But i gathered enough courage and when i logged in i was surprised to find that almost everyone else was having the same problem as i was. The group facilitator informed us on the group that there was a server error and that they were working to have it resolved. Thats when i discovered the power of slack and its importance especially in collaboration and in team work. Everything is not always in black and white and it takes a team effort to diagnose problems and to point one in the right direction.

I spent the rest of the day interacting and exploring slack as i engaged other guys and getting to also learn from them. The other labs were actually tougher that the first lab but it was a good learning experience. It was only the first day but what i learnt especially from the groups’ channels was a lot more than i could have learnt in a week all by myself. However, no matter the challenges, i took them positively. I learnt from my mistakes and knowing my weaknesses was always ready to ask for assistance whenever i hit a rock. This not only enabled me to learn but it also enabled others to learn from my mistakes. Especially those that were not yet confident enough to ask the questions themselves.

Today was a tough day by any standards. I knew what to expect but i think the magnitude of it all just overwhelmed me. I barely scraped through but i live to push through another day and conquer. This especially with my learning experiences today -both good and bad- and the will to persevere, will take make all the way to the finish line one day at a time. Can’t wait for tomorrow. i believe i will be better prepared and more dynamic than i was today. Aluta continua.

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