It’s been three days since the kick-off of this bootcamp, within this three days alot has really transpired, especially in the daily challenges and the project in progress and asuch tends to pull one off track, but there is saying that “One tends to improve and be encouraged when he/she is with people of positive mind set.

I haven’t really met with most people but i won’t deny the fact that some people has been very helpful within this three days. In as much as i was to talk about my colleagues, I can’t but first talk about my LFA, who happens to be MOYO by name. She is a very kind person, she goes beyond the odds to answer me when am confused, even when i keep coming back for more she was never tired of rendering assistance to me. She is very kind when pointing out my mistakes and also advice me on what to study in-order to get it right. She is an epitome of leadership and i am happy to say that am so glad to be in your team.

Another interesting person I have gotten acquainted with from this bootcamp is Chioma Okweye, she is like my partner in this bootcamp. She is always willing to help and a listing ear to my confusion. She is so amazing and friendly too. I am so pleased to have her as a friend and i wish we will end up being colleagues in Andela Fellows.

The 3rd person is Hamdalah Adetunji, we actually meet on the interview day. We were both interviewed together and i got to know how interesting she is. I was glad when i discovered she also made it to the bootcamp. I believe that the people i meet and become friends with has positive things to add to a better me.

“Having you interesting people has reduced my stress in Andela Bootcamp and increased my confidence and believe that I have gone too far already to pull back”

Thanks once again and I hope we make it to Andela fellows.

I have gone too far already to pull back