Fascist? Do you even know the definition?
F DeWitt Beckett

“ I have enjoyed reading your insights into the military and what is going on there but when it comes to politics you need to keep you ass shut up.”. IF YOU CANT HEAR YOURSELF AND HOW WRONG YOU ARE IN THAT SHORT SEGMENT OF YOUR COMMENT I AM SORRY FOR YOU. The worst part is that you are an old man now. You are expected to know and remember the Vietnam War, the Civil Right Movement, and the American attitude of seriousness and respect (at least outwardly) in politics of that generation. The fact that you are endorsing this Trump clown and his agenda, after they plagiarize speeches and call american citizens vulgar names and belittle or shame them is shameful to you and to your family, who i hope look up to you as a revered, wise elder and not an idiot who cant see what is happening before his eyes.

Now, i must admit Hillary is not my brand of political whiskey either, but i keep noticing, specially as a republican conservative Marine, that this clown has not only shamed my political party, but has converted it into a nuthouse to all the world. You go ahead a reflect on what ive said, sir… That no insults have reached out to you and my tone is civil, even when i’m younger by far than you. You reflect on the rhetoric you use and see if it is a way you'd like your political leader to be or even for that leader to speak to your young ones you love and for them to follow. That, sir, is what is truly at stake here. That we go from a General and a gentleman with honor and grace as our 1st president to this Trump “clown” and his followers coming to power.

God help us….