President Donald J. Trump

JULY 5, 2017

Trump,His Tweets and the Office

By Kenneth R. Jenkins

This president is the first to use Twitter to express himself, rant, rave and complain a lot; tweeting about nothing. Really nothing could be the wrong word to best describe what this leader of the free world because he spent the majority of the time on his Twitter account spooring outrages things to either get attention or he’s completely bored.

What is the point to use Twitter? I really don’t get it or his method to his madness or the purpose Twitter is used for. Unlike the president, i use to respond to my fellow Tweeters by saying something humorous, encouragement, congratulate, celebrate and sometimes offer a word to someone who is in mourning. I will never use my Twitter account to do what the president does on a day to day basis. In fact, I am on that account a lot less but I do use it.

Question? What is the point for a leader of this country to act like a spoiled brat not getting what he wants, when he wants it. that is not the way a TRUE leader should act like. Who in the hell he think he is Richie Rich?

The Office of the White House is for those who can uphold and serve the people of the United States and not tear down others. This administration however is letting this president get away in what he does even not being punished.

This president is not above the law and there are not exception to the rule so he thinks…..

Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, podcaster, minister, devoted husband.

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