Working in America

By Kenneth R. Jenkins

Donald Trump made promise after promise to “Make America Great Again” by supplying more jobs for Americans by Americans. Bring more work into our factories, warehouses and such. Keeping our jobs exclusively here in this Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.

Has that same spirit died out and fizzled disappearing into thin air forever? Or is Trump blowing a lot steam just for the sake of being a pain in the butt?

According to, there are 15 fascinating hiring statistics so far in 2017. 1.In 2017, 3.6 million executive leaders are predicted to retire, allowing younger employees to move to management positions. This could cause a shift in the workforce and change the leadership style to a more transparent and collaborative environment. Hiring for these two qualities will become increasingly important. (Source: MRInetwork)

2. When it comes to searching for a job, 42.9% of job seekers search by job board, 32.1% search career sites, and 6.9% check referral programs. Being sure to update your openings on these sites is vital to attracting the greatest and most diverse pool of applicants. (Source: Jobvite)

3. 39.9% of recruiters check referral programs, 21.2% hire from Career Sites, 14.6% from Job Boards and 4.6% from Agencies. Applicants for jobs should take note of this when applying just as much as recruiters should pay attention to the statistics. (Source: Jobvite)

4. 38% of hirers ranked a “fun, engaging, company culture” as the most attractive quality of a business. While this parameter is loose, a possible suggestion for promoting the culture of a workplace involves familiarity among your employees, seek to build a community among your employees. (Source: MRInetwork)

5. The average person job searching reads six reviews posted about a company before forming their opinion on the company. Recruiters having a good sense of where current employees and customers stand with the company will greatly aid recruiter’s expectations of where job-seekers stand with the company. (Source: Glassdoor)

6. 69% of job-seekers would not accept an offer with a company holding a bad reputation. Employees take pride in the company they work for. If an employee cannot be proud of where they work or the service they provide, better to not be an employee at all. (Source: Inc.)

7. The average cost per new hire is at an all time high of $4,000. This makes most companies hesitant to hire new employees but all it means is that a careful selection should be made when that much time and cost goes into training a new employee. (Source: Officevibe)

8. 60% of potential candidates have quit a job application process because it was too lengthy. An applicant should be able to fill out an application such that they can give a good explanation of their character and abilities while still feeling excited and interested at the end of the initial application, not bored. (Source: Officevibe)

9. Similarly, 15% of job-seekers with a positive hiring experience put more effort into the position. A positive hiring experience for both the recruiter and the potential employee is a sign of a good outcome for the position being filled well. (Source: Undercover Recruiter)

10. Glassdoor, alongside Indeed and LinkedIn were voted the leading job sites for 2017. The tech world has taken over industry even when it comes to the hiring process. (Source:

11. In 2017, America’s unemployment rate has dropped below 5%, with an average of 181,000 job openings available per month. While unemployment is much better than last year, the number of jobs needing filling per month is still quite large. That being said, recruiters must be strategic in the way they broadcast new positions such that the positions can be filled appropriately. (Source: Recruitics)

12. 28% of Gen Z and 17% of Millennials reported they received feedback regularly (daily) and not on an annual scale. More regular performance reviews allow for better communication among co-workers while also allowing everyone in the office to understand where the company stands collectively as a result of the office’s performance. (Source: Forbes)

13. In 2016 and into 2017, the top skill to get a job-seeker hired was Cloud and Distributed Computing. This is fair since many companies have made the switch to the Cloud when it comes to their management of information and communication systems. (Source: LinkedIn)

14. Fewer than 20% of companies deploy their HR and employee productivity solutions on mobile apps today. With the majority of job-seekers now being millennials, who are constantly checking and updating their mobile devices, this statistic is far too low. Especially considering the fact that… (Source:Bersin by Deloitte)

15. Only 8% of companies advertise and utilize a mobile platform for the recruiting process. This means the job posting will often be missed by viewers looking for job openings on their mobile devices. (Source:Deloitte)

Beware, this president is turning back the clock on everything and even in jobs for those who may need it.

Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, podcast host/producer, minister and devoted husband living in Savannah, GA.