You, Me and the Moon

In your eyes 
I see a different light, 
A lighter side of you 
And that’s when I realize 
How beautiful you are to me.

From the softness of your skin, 
The wonderful smile on your face 
Beauty that’s outside in 
Divorcing all other thoughts of you.

From Cleopatra of my soul, 
To the Halle Berry of my dreams, 
You are one well-put together woman I would like to know 
No matter how crazy it may seem.

Like the sweet nectar in the morning 
I bathe in your loving arms 
Your love, your love is showing 
Making me sweat from my head to my palms.

You with me alone 
Basking in the moonlight 
With such love and appreciation shown 
That really makes my night.

Me with you together 
With words unspoken the best way 
No matter the weather 
With nothing really to say.

Moonlight O moonlight, 
Can you just shine on me please? 
Make our night such a delight 
As I kneel on my knees.

You, me and the moonlight, 
Alone together night after night, 
How ‘bout us? 
How ‘bout you and I?

© 2004

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