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Hilarious. The ignorant and uninformed bleating about how the scientific consensus is “stupid”.

Well, let’s pick your silly arguments to pieces, shall we?

First, you start talking about temperature change over the last 70 years. Why 70? Why not since industrialization?

The answer, of course, is that 70 odd years ago there was a short peak in temperatures, so you are cherry picking a false baseline. Tsk tsk. Not allowed in science, dear boy.

As to the magnitude of the change, if we pick a non-arbitrary baseline of the 1880s, the start of industrialization, then we see a 0.85 C increase to 2012, and it broached 1 C last year.

Now, most of that change has occurred in recent decades, so any discussion of projection cannot simply plot a linear increase. The increase is not linear, it is accelerating.

In any case, you then go on to make the idiotic statement that they “never ask the question” about getting to 2 C or about massive consequences. Well, the literature is filled with this very thing. Indeed, there are hundreds of papers that address the consequences. Here’s one: A simple google will net you hundreds more since it’s a big topic. The IPCC position on 2 C was driven entirely by this discussion and this is what has climate scientists so riled up. So your statement is not only demonstrably false, but its underlying assumptions are based on nothing at all.

You also mention the human contribution as 50%. There is no credible evidence to support this number and lots of studies that show that the human contribution is overwhelmingly the biggest factor. Here’s a recent one:

You then state that we haven’t achieved the projected warming. This is also demonstrably false. The IPCC models of 1990 are still doing very well, with the instrument record never once veering statistically from the projections. Here’s a paper to support this, but there are many more:

As to your moronic statement that “ We were told that 110PPM of CO2 would cause oceans to surge, for temps to soar like an ice age, maybe 6C, 8C or even 10C. We have gotten 0.17C.” Please show a single citation of any such claim. It is complete nonsense. No climate scientist I have ever read suggested there would be anything like that degree of warming with a 400 ppm of CO2 level (as we have today). So you’re statement is beyond ignorant, it is a blatant lie.

You then go on a bizarre paranoid extremist Christian right rant about Trump, who you predictably support. You are entitled to your opinion on that halfwit, but it is irrelevant to the present discussion.