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More misinformation and idiotic blubbering.

First, your statement that 50% of the warming happened prior to the 40s is so obviously wrong that one can only wonder how you could be stupid enough to make it. What warming occurred prior to the 40s was pretty marginal, with the overwhelming amount happening in the last few decades. So you lie and then use your lie to support your silly conclusions.

Second, you are indeed cherry picking by picking a warm baseline, just as picking 1910 (a similar short duration, but cool period) the warming would look exaggerated. In any case the warming since 1945 has been about 0.8 C, a rather far cry from your lie about it being 0.35C

You then proceed to blubber about what can and cannot be true, without a single peer reviewed reference, and with most of your numbers demonstrably wrong. You sir are an idiot. We are done here.