You said I was paid to spread fake news or maybe you meant the articles I used were somehow paid by…
John the Logical

So, an entire field of science is perpetrating a “hoax” on the rest of the world. Tens of thousands of the finest minds in climate science are tricking us all in a gigantic conspiracy?

I see. The stupidity of such a position is beyond words.

You then cite the utter nonsense that the NOAA has manipulated data inappropriately. They posted their methods, which are entirely reasonable, and their findings have been replicated using different methods and different data sets. In science we call that validation. But you’re happy to dismiss the science because it’s not what you want to believe.

Listen, Jethro, the reality is that no one in science is lying to you. But the extremist Christian right that wants you to believe that the oil industry is the answer to all our problems is so obviously wrong and so obviously supported by oil industry lackeys that it is astonishing that anyone would listen to a word they say.

But go ahead. Take the crap posted on the extremist right conspiracy blogs and go to the scientific literature to see how their moronic claims stand up. If you have a rational mind you will discount their claims time and again because they simply don’t stand up to scrutiny.

That is why the overwhelming consensus in climate science, no matter how you want to measure that, agrees that the planet is warming and we are the cause. To deny this in favour of conspiracy theories makes you look like an idiot.

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