Disabled Man tries to get off of Public Aid by creating gift for you.

August 02, 2016 cuddling disability disabled person life style perfect gift public aid relationships teaching children

I had been on Public Aide since 1988, why? Because I had a severe stroke when I was 26 years old. This injury was a complete shock to me and my parents because nothing like this had ever happen within our family. My life has been very difficult since then but I’m still hanging around, next month I’ll be 54 years old and my worrying never ends — what does my future years look like? It has been a long empty and depressing life but believe me I’ve tried everything & anything to make this life better. Recently I looked back on my able-body life and saw how special life can truly be, but most of us still take life for granted no matter what; maybe because we are so ignorant of the disability world who knows. So after 26 year of living the life as a totally disabled person, I wanted to try and create a special gift for 2 people — something that would be fun but simple and that would help remind us to appreciate life. I felt using my life as an example would be a good start, eventually I was able to design a gift that I thought was extremely creative but maybe it was too simple because most people still didn’t understand the message that I trying to share. Hopefully in time people will catch on and appreciate my gift. Over the last year of selling my spoon gift to the public my biggest customers were parents and healthcare workers; they bought my spoons for their children or disabled clients because they say that they are designed so perfectly for their needs. I am truly happy that my spoons had become a huge hit as an eating/teaching aide for children and people with an eating disability. BUT my goal is to reach everyone, see I’m still 1 physically disabled person with big hopes. I only can do so much in a day; I really could use all the help that I can get from you and your friends, by telling everyone and anyone about my fun, happy & helpful spoon gift that I created for all of us. It’s time that I take charge of my life and do the best that I can to support myself; with the money that I earn from my Cuddle Spoons. I’m a strong healthy man, I’m just living in a wheelchair 24/7/365, please help me live my own life. I’m sure that all of you reading this message understand how I feel. I created a Special Gift for all us, please help me spread the word so I can get off Public Aid and support myself.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.


Ken Vantroba

CuddleSpoons@gmail.com — www.CuddleSpoons.com

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