I’m over my Head — Disabled Man creates Fun gift for 2 but doesn’t know how to Market himself or product.

Yes everything is true. It started off as a fun rehabilitation project and now I’m trying to built a successful business from my accomplishments & life story. My life started off promising and well directed for the first 26 years, since 1988 (TBI Stroke) I been totaling Disabled living my life in a wheelchair 24/7/365. I designed a simple fun gift that I call “CUDDLES”, CUDDLES has been described as the perfect spoon gift because they make people happy, their practical and everyone loves them — www.CuddleSpoons.com . I can talk all day with you about my gift but what I really need is help spreading the word about my “Gift”. 
Anyone in Marketing, Free Press, Business that can help me please contact me at CuddleSpoons.com — Thanks.

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