How mammoth cloning became fake news
John Hawks

John has done a fine job of deconstructing the typical kinds of hyperbolic claims of George Church. He makes a business of it (literally, given the latest CRISPR news), and it’s MIT/Whitehead business as usual.

Beth Shapiro is smart and so on as you say, but she’s on the huckstering trail too, suggesting that we could clone mammoths etc.

The deeper problem to me is not the technology though by definition a mammoth only exists when gestated in a mammoth. But this is the tip if the iceberg. Mammoths were social animals. Hatching out a mammoth without an existing social group, with its hierarchies, territories, mating patterns, sibs and so on, is not recreating a mammoth.

But there is little if any sanction in our society for purging self-aggrandizing BS.

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