First Petal: People

Investigative (Observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, solve problems), Artistic (Innovative, intuitional, unstructured situations, imagination, creativity), Conventional (data, clerical, numerical, details, following through on instructions) People Environments.

Places I have worked thus Far:

Kumon, RCS, Public Partnerships, Rover, Ollie’s

Kinds of people there who drove me nuts:

micromanaged, no control, accusatory, defensive, simple or inconsequential talking, bossy, talking bad about others behind their backs, slow, unmotivated, angry, emotional, people you need to tip-toe around, unhelpful, throwing fits and tantrums, fake praise, indefinite goals, unorganized, low empathy, highly stressed, never around when needed, won’t help when asked, fearful of losing job to you, won’t tell you what is going on, many people telling you to do different or opposite things, people barging in when I am working, distracting,

Kinds of people I’d prefer not to have to work with in order of preference:

  1. manipulative
  2. not empathetic
  3. no trust or untrustworthy
  4. emotional
  5. mean
  6. slow or doesn’t understand
  7. never around or unwilling to help
  8. distracting
  9. scared
  10. unmotivated

Kinds of people I’d most like to work with in order or preference:

  1. straightforward and honest
  2. empathetic
  3. flowing with trust
  4. no emotional outbursts
  5. nice
  6. quick, smart
  7. around to help
  8. doesn’t bother me when I am concentrating
  9. not anxious
  10. motivated

Petal #1
I would like to work with people who are straightforward, honest, empathetic, trusting, not emotional and nice.