Second Petal: Workplace

Places I have worked thus Far:

Kumon, RCS, Public Partnerships, Rover, Ollie’s

The effectiveness of my work decreased when I have to work under these conditions:

open space, noisy, too much supervision, interaction with public, cleanliness, having to be at work in the morning, driving to far, no parking, nowhere to eat, to expensive to eat, people move things and I can’t find them, too cold, am not allowed to stand or move around, placed so that other people can watch me work all the time

These are the factors or qualities I absolutely dislike the most in order of decreasing dislike:

  1. getting up before 10–11 am
  2. too much interaction with people
  3. can’t find my stuff because it has been moved
  4. temperature of room too cold
  5. being watched or worried that I am
  6. not being able to move
  7. driving
  8. not being able to eat
  9. parking
  10. place is not clean or makes me feel ill

These are the factors or qualities that would maximize my effectiveness if I could work under these conditions:

  1. Setting my own hours or being able to get 8 hours of sleep, typically in the morning
  2. low socializing
  3. privacy of items
  4. being able to set my temperature
  5. working alone when needed
  6. freedom to move, walk, exercise, fidget
  7. not needing to drive
  8. easy meals
  9. free and available parking
  10. don’t feel sick from the job

Petal #2

I would like to work in a place that allowed me to wake up around noon, where I did not need to interact with people, my stuff was where I left it, I could set my temperature, and I could work alone.

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