Starter Kit on Resume

Voluntary Work: IT Work for Seniors, IT Work for peers and family, a Intercultural Festival at VCU

Educational: Transfer Scholarship based off essay for VCU, Worked while taking care of elderly, High Grades A or A+ in upper level Calculus, Differential, Multivariable, Discrete, Computer Science, English and lower level Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy.

Administration: Printed, collected, and organized 20 years with thousands of invoices, work done, work denied, and summaries of a roofing business and organized them in 100+ binders according to type of document and year.


Nursing and Rover — Alone with a seniors, houses and dogs to take care of all three.

Kumon — Given a budget to make a server switch, fix bad cables in an integrated network and set up business cable internet.

Roofing Services — Alone in figuring out all roofing terms, systems and attitudes of those who I was there to understand.

Volunteering — Was responsible for fixing a photo booth when it inevitably broke down.

Elementary, Middle, High School — Created, championed and mentored other players for the chess club in all schools.


Environments — Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac

Programming — Java, C++, Assembly

Tools — Microsoft Office Suite (Google docs, Open Office), HTML, Matlab, Quickbooks


Letters of recommendation for 2 PHD’s and 1 PHD candidate in English, letter of recommendation for 1 MD.

Praised as the best person he has ever known and the only one who hasn’t abandoned him by Ted, the senior who died of cancer.

Published Work: “Empathy; What Is It, How Do We Get It and Why Does It Matter?” Thesis Paper at VCU