Third Petal: Skills — Part 1 of 7 Stories: Rex’s Illness

I was sitting at the computer playing Hearthstone and Rex, my dog, was eating his dried dog food from his bowl. I could hear him munching on it. Then I heard him fall, which wasn’t that uncommon because he had arthritis in his legs and the floor was hard and slippery, and then I heard him fall again, this time he knocked his food over.

I got up from my computer and looked over. Rex was stumbling around and went into the other room. He usually did this when he was feeling ill, and went under the dinner table and peed. S was in the room and said WTF. Rex couldn’t move and laid in his own piss. S was getting angry, but he seemed really worried and anxious. His anger seemed to be born from fear.

We both took Rex to the 24 hour vet hospital because it was late at night. Rex could not walk and we both guided him into the hospital. After many hours the docs said there was nothing they could do without expensive procedures such as MRI or surgeries. They told us the cheapest option was to leave him in their care for about 1k dollars a night. We didn’t have that money and took him home.

I cared for Rex every day. I tried to get him to eat with peanut butter on his treat which he liked. He barely touched them and seemed to be in a lot of pain. He kept using the bathroom where he laid and couldn’t move. His eyes moved constantly like he was dizzy. I looked up what could be the cause and figured if he could live long enough he would get used to it and recover.

I went out and bought pads for the house, because he liked to be around me. The pads didn’t work very well as Rex kept trying to get up when I moved and tossed them around. I tried building a blockade to stop him from going into other parts of the house but then it became to hard to clean up his messes. I was always trying to feed him, but he rarely ate.

After a few days, S was really upset with Rex using the bathroom. I think he didn’t want to see Rex die. We decided to put him outside. When he is outside he usually likes to sit by the door. I would watch him and try to keep tabs on him. One day I woke up and he left but I found him by the side of the house. He was getting skinny. I had gotten dried and wet dog food, treats, peanut butter, human food, anything he might like to eat. I would leave it outside with water, but would throw most of it away as it would be covered in flies after a short amount of time.

After a week or so from the start, Rex started raising his head. He could walk with a lot of help. I let him back inside and he still had many accidents. Mostly he seemed to have lost control of his bowls. I could no longer take him on our long walks and I was sad. I would help him onto the couch because it was his favorite place to be and he would watch me on the computer. He lived with me for another half of a year before I was kicked out of the house. He lived another full year after. I miss him. I hope he was happy.