Siya Kolisi’s wife takes a stand against racist trolls


Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel, is taking a stand against racist trolls after being plagued with a slew of attacks over her interracial marriage with the Springbok player.

aking to Twitter recently, Rachel shared a string of hate Facebook messages sent to her from a man named Charles Hermon.

In one of the messages, Charles wrote: “Why do white hs think they can f*** ngers! F*** your own kind. Leave Africa and go back to Europe and leave our good men to our own beautiful black women.”

“I am sick of seeing this half breed popping out,” before making sexual references, ending, “Don’t need you here stealing our men,” he added.

To which she responded: “If it’s such an issue for you why you looking?”

Rachel went on to explain that she believes it’s worth her time to take a stand against racist trolls, not only for her family but “for many others”.

“Also a lot of good people saying ignore it, it’s not worth your time and etc100% correct there too,” she tweeted.

“I just feel it is worth my time. Not just for my family and I but for many others. #takingastand.”

Following the tirade of social media abuse, Rachel revealed that she’ll be making her online accounts private.

“Due to recent events, I will be keeping my social media private and for friends and family only,” she announced on Instagram on Sunday.

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Originally published at Celebitchy ZA.

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