Bruce Gillis Finally Proved that why people Think Fibromyalgia is like a Ghost that Kills like a Ghost


People are Often Confused in this Topic and almost talks about this Why Fibromyalgia is “KILLER GHOST”. People Takes it like a joke that Fibromyalgia is Killer, because they didn’t want to know about the Reality of the Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Diseases.

But Nowadays the Scientists Invent a New Blood Test for Fibromyalgia, Which is more accurate than the previous tests for Fibromyalgia. According to the Physician Bruce Gillis that Invent the blood test says:

“We have not found any overlap Between the Fibromyalgia patients and other immune diseases like “LUPUS” and “ARITHITIS”. Epic Genetics invent this test in May 2015, and is called the first definitive blood test for Fibromyalgia. The Common Symptoms for Fibromyalgia are Headaches, Depression, Fatigue, Deep Tissue Pain and Lack of Sleep. The Test Results for this Disease are usually in a week.

This Test Works 99% about, because this FM test search for the Protein molecules in Human blood called “chemokine’s” and “Cytokines”, these molecules produce due to white blood cells. The Blood test inventor Bruce Gillis says that a patient with Fibromyalgia have less number of chemokine’s and cytokine that leads the patient to lower immune system. Critics have said that same immune systems can be found in other patients like ARITHITIS and Lupus that makes the blood test of Fibromyalgia patients unreliable. However Gillis also told that we have over 300 patients with Fibromyalgia, lupus and arthritis. But their biomarkers only the Fibromyalgia patients are found to be low level of Chemokine’s and cytokines.

Gillis says that the research is still going on and he hopes that we will find a 100% overcome on this blood test in few months. When this blood test invent for the first time the Epic Genetics said that this test is 93% accurate, but Gillis proved this test is working 99% accurately. This is Same Test that we used to diagnose HIV. The National Health Institute of America estimates that about 5 million of people in America are at stack of Fibromyalgia and millions of patients all over the world. But so far there are only hundreds of people that are being diagnosed due to low social incomes. Gillis costs this test $744, which is not totally covered by Health Insurance Companies and could be barrier to the patients. A lot of People are living that don’t work and they don’t have wherewithal to pay for the test. They even don’t have Health Insurance yet, therefore the Insurer have paid for the test of some people.

When we start this we don’t have much opportunities for the patients to success it costs $12,500 to analyze the patient’s immune system, but we brought the price way down day by day to $744 and we are trying to make it even down that even people with no Health Insurance Policies could afford this. Gillis hopes to bring down the Price by giving licenses to the labs so that other labs can be able to ship the blood samples to the Epic Genetics. Besides the cost the Fibromyalgia Patients are happy to Know about this blood test because they thinks that their Doctors and loved ones are finally successful to find an Epic way to Diagnose the Fibromyalgia and other immune Diseases. Gillis told that this test will field of Dreams and possibilities for the researchers compassionate about to define this horrible and killer Disorder. Celeste cooper one of the fibromyalgia patient said:

On the Day we found a Biological Test, we will know study participants do have indeed Fibromyalgia.

In the Recent days there is a great Breakout in the research of Fibromyalgia. Our Researchers are trying to invent a new blood test for fibromyalgia which is even more accurate and cheap cost for the patients. They invent this by using a powdered infrared microscope, they identified a number of Molecules under the test which are similar to the Fibromyalgia patients.

Another team for the Fibromyalgia Research upstate at New York found that Fibromyalgia Patients have sensory Fibers in the Blood vessels of their hands which may disrupt the flow of blood throughout their body. In less than six months we have found two successful analyzes of Fibromyalgia using blood markers. Cooper said that:

This is a glorious win for the scientific community and for the Fibromyalgia patients, it is like a race and how glorious race it will be for those who spend their single day and night with this Killer Disorder.

Researcher are also trying to discover the genetic marker for Fibromyalgia, A gene that make People likely to develop more Disorder. The Epic Genetics is saying that every single patient that gives their blood samples to take the FM test would be hopefully diagnose from the RNA (Ribonucleic Acid).

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