A personel manifesto

As I get older, I think it’s safe to assume that almost everyone you meet has a set of values that they live by. These might be morals that they’ve grown up with or some that acquired just by living life. Granted some of these values are more honorable than others, but they are values nontheless. They are a person’s principles, their standards of behaviors. You can pretty much figure out who a person is because these are judgements of what is important in their life.

These are a few values I’ve learned to appreciate these last couple of years.


Machiavelli wrote, “Anyone who would act up to a perfect standard of goodness in everything must be ruined among so many who are not good.”

Okay now I know this isn’t a typical way of life that most people would own up to but hear me out. This isn’t virtuous by any means but it is honest. I don’t mind cutting corners and not taking the high road to get to the pinnacle (get it? high road and the pinnacle is the highest peak? Oh? That was self-explanatory? Okay, moving on). I never claimed to be Mother Theresa so who cares if I don’t necessarily do the right thing if the outcome is good? Let’s take a journey to the past, shall we? I pride myself in being pretty intelligent and a quick learner but back in highschool I honestly don’t think there was one class I didn’t cheat in. Whew, feels good to get that off my chest. I cheated on homework. I cheated on quizzes. I cheated on test. In fact, I cheated myself to a high school diploma.

TJ and I wildin’ out

Was it wrong? Yes. Do I care? Not particularly. And you know why? Because now I’m a successful college student working my butt off to be an excellent global citizen. High school was riddled with things I couldn’t be bothered to deal with. Drama. Busy work. And a whole lot of incompetence. I didn’t feel like I needed to give my all so I didn’t and everything turned out fine! If you don’t consider the fact that I’m morally corrupt.


Only Jesus is perfect.

Why strive for an unattainable goal when you can be satisfied just doing what you do. Work to the best of your ability and don’t stress too much. You’ll enjoy life a little bit more when you don’t nitpick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I accept mediocrity for myself but I used to kind of be a perfectionist and it’s a very time consuming habit as I’m sure you would agree. So next time you spend hours on some minute detail that isn’t even noticable just hear my voice chastising you, “You’re crazy. Don’t you have something better to do?”


Soy un perdedor.

Beck, a musical genius, was completely on point when he so famously sung, “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?” If you’re not thinking of your aesthetic (or personal brand for those of y’all who are actually out doing things) at all times, you are doing it wrong! The goal is to evoke envy in everyone who meets you. Travel to exotic lands solely for the perfect instagram pic. Buy classic novels so you can wow people with books you’ll eventually crack open on the off chance they come over and browse your book collection. Drink your coffee…black.

Had to take a picture. Had to.

Sugar and cream is for the weak and poorly branded people and that’s not who you want to be. Always, always be thinking of ways to impress people. Or yourself. You do want to be putting your best foot out there. OOOOOOR you can be cool by being authentic. People usually like you a lot more if you are yourself because it’s pretty easy to catch a phony. My defintion of cool usually depends on the day.


As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

My mortal enemy, Jayna.

Since being in college, friends are easy to come by. Maybe a bit too easy. And because there was no heavy-lifting involved, it makes it that much easier for people to leave your life whenever they please. What else can you expect? You speed dated yourself to a relationship so you can’t really blame them for dipping out when you’ve served your purpose and you can’t blame yourself for not caring when they are gone. Camaraderie is important yes, but you know what’s even more important? Anger. You need anger. You need to be able to express your anger in a healthy way and what’s healthier that mortal enemies? You know those people who get under your skin in every way possible? I honestly just keep them around to fuel my anger. Prime example, my siblings. Years of constant torture and torment, yet they are still around. Why? Not because they are family but because I need punching bags. Human form punching bags. Be wary though because there is a distinct difference between people you don’t care for and enemies. Your enemies are the people you see all the time, are always there for you, help you through life and the people you would do anything for. Also easily confused as your people.

And my all time favorite…


No really, though.

Faking it until I make it may be the thing I do the most. In fact, I’m doing it right now. I don’t have a fifth value but I can’t just have four, that’s such a weird number. So I’m faking it until the end of this post, so maybe it is a value!

Oh, well.