In wake of deadly tragedy, hold off on pushing your views

The scene in Orlando, FL, following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub on 06/12/2016

I don’t even know where to start with something like this..

At least 50 dead, about another 50 wounded, the last time I saw the numbers. Orlando, I hurt for you, and I wish there was something I could do to help ease the pain for each of the friends & family members of the victims of the crimes.

But there isn’t.

No amount of praying, well-wishing, ranting, or condemning will change what has happened, no matter how much I or anyone else wants it to; we as people and individuals just don’t have power of that nature. It all amounts to exactly the same purpose as what this posting itself does: a hunt for understanding & meaning in what is a devastating & atrocious crime against humanity; a way to help cope with & try to make some kind of viable sense of the grievous injustice on life an unrepentant killer waged on innocent people.

It changes nothing, and the proof has already been shown in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy.

Almost instantaneously, this has been politicized. People from all two sides of the political spectrum have made it known exactly “what this means” and “what we need to do now”, with blame getting hot potato’ed everywhere, the victims already forgotten in lieu of sticking to an agenda.

Politicians are one thing — blame-tossing and pandering are inherent to their job descriptions & bottom lines — but the same disgusting habits are rampant among the rest of us as well. We are ready and waiting to pounce on any opportunity to spout off our views & push our ideals, no matter how despicable the situation. I don’t absolve myself from this ugly reality either, by the way; I didn’t have an end goal in mind when I began, but with something of this nature, it would be only natural to wind up at a conclusion that handily fits in with what I believe.

We have to be better than this. All of us.

The people who lost their lives won’t suddenly regain them because we each decided we “knew” the answer to this problem immediately; no matter that answer, it doesn’t matter because they are gone.

The families and friends of victims suffering right now aren’t going to feel better because people of all levels of importance and influence felt the need to speak their minds on what happened; all they can feel is a hollow sadness, a void no words or actions will come close to filling, especially not when that endless pain is still so new.

The only people it does anything for is us. We get to release the negative feelings we have after learning about this insanity, without actually having the burden of loss those people directly impacted must now live with forever.

Give these people time to mourn, without making this about us.

If you won’t do it for them, then take into account that the law enforcement officials investigating this still need time to discern all of the actual details. Once we actually know all the information they can offer us — a process that is not instantaneous, unlike our obsession with inevitably making these disasters about ourselves — THEN we move forward with our opinions & beliefs, and try to convince everyone how right we are about why this happened and what needs to happen next. Because right now, we just don’t know beyond our own expectations & speculations.

I guess all I’m asking is we be considerate, folks. Place yourself into someone else’s shoes — truly & completely, go all in — and think: if this happened to me, or someone important to me, would I really want that life in question to be nothing more than a talking point, an interchangeable blip in someone’s argument?

If you’re answer is yes, good for you; you are able to do something most of our species cannot, and completely cast aside emotions and individualistic reasoning to move forward without sparing a single second of time. Seeing as most people are not prone to textbook psychopathy however (characterized by — among other things — enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy, and a lacking in remorse), it is unlikely you would fall squarely into that box.

If the answer is no, well then as many Christians are fond of saying, “Do unto others..”. There will be plenty of time for pushing your viewpoints — no matter what they are. This moment isn’t about you; don’t try to make it be.