Misfortunes make immigrants on iMiMatch understand just how important they are to each other.

Kennocha Vida
Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

An aggressive wildfire in Southern California seared its way through dry vegetation Friday and spread quickly, destroying more than a dozen homes as tens of thousands of residents were ordered to get out of its way, authorities said. Blaze broke out Thursday evening in the San Fernando Valley and spread westward, burning its way into hilly subdivisions on the northern edge of Los Angeles as terrified residents grabbed what they could and ran. One man went into cardiac arrest and died, authorities said. Those who left included Edwin Bernard, watched as the fire swept down a hillside, sizzling through dry grass and igniting trees and bushes and spitting embers over his home of 30 years. He and his wife fled in their car, leaving behind medication, photo albums and their four cats.

The region has been on high alert as notoriously powerful Santa Ana winds brought dry desert air to a desiccated landscape that only needed a spark to erupt. Like Edwin, inhabitants of the region are fleeing and moving to areas of safety. Immigrants on iMiMatch who live far from these burning disasters are welcoming their friends especially those on iMiMatch who are moving away from the fires. They are helping to house them and their families which have eventually become theirs too due to their friendships created on iMiMatch until the fires are put out.

As it is the case with Edwin and his wife, most of these people running away from these fires might have no houses and little or no property to return to after the flames will be put out. That is why immigrants on iMiMatch are meeting together to find ways in which they can help their friends get houses after the incident. Some are contributing financially to help them rebuild while others are offering to take them in permanently so they can share their living spaces. All in all, immigrants on iMiMatch consider each other as family and are always ready to help when misfortune knocks at the door.