Who moved my cheese, 1Password?

In this theater, it’s a package deal. Popcorn comes with the Coke.

“I bought the iOS version last year. I didn’t ever use it and recently started using 1Password on my Mac. I’m being asked to subscribe now or it will turn off.”

On the latest 1Password Windows you simply cannot create new vaults on your local device and keep data off the cloud.

“we’re going to remove the older local vault reader + sync support in the upcoming 1Password 6.6 update”

  • 1Password is aggressively pushing a software as a service model for their app.
  • The stand-alone apps are no longer being marketed, and there are references in the forum to customers having to request special links. I’ve not looked at every single platform version, but at least for Windows, the link is still on the AgileBits download page if you know to look.
  • Local device storage (i.e., local vaults) are being strongly discouraged, and in my view, barring a course change, headed for full deprecation.
  • In the latest 1Password version 6.x for Windows, you can no longer create or update local vaults. That might change in the future, or it might not. But their forums make it clear that they are strongly pushing all new customers to non-local storage.
  • The 1Password.com web site login uses unsigned on-demand host-based javascript, and users must enter their vault password & master key to sign in to the site, even for for routine billing updates. Absent 2FA/U2F, there’s a real risk of simple phishing.
  • At the time of this writing, 1Password has made no public blog post or coherent announcement explaining the new roadmap, just lots of mixed messages from the PR team, the principals, the forums, and their Twitter feed staff. Update: blog.agilebits.com/2017/07/13/why-we-love-1password-memberships
  • If you have and use 1P, great. I do too! But you might log in to 1Password.com to see exactly what you have backed up in their cloud.
  • My issue is transparency & control. For many others, it’s also cost. As I have said repeatedly, I want companies like AgileBits to thrive. I want them to be able to grow and to continue to hire the best security and product design people around. But I want the choice of where my data reside.



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