Sand Mountain: A Singing Sand Dune Hidden in Northern Nevada

Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Sand Mountain is in the Salt Wells Basin and exists a little less than 28 miles east of Fallon, NV, on Highway 50.

The Salt Wells — an 8 mile flat.

This mountain of sand is known as a “singing” sand dune, which comes from the sound that the sand makes. The size of the sand creates a whistling noise because of the winds at it’s altitude.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, Sand Mountain formed when ancient Lake Lahontan dried up about 4,000 years ago-which covered up most of the Great Basin.

The sands accumulated when the winds carried what would have been considered beach sand and it settled at the base of a mountain.

The Super Bowl

The recreation area is owned by BLM and you can must have a permit which you can purchase on site.

Sand Mountain is 2 miles long and 600 ft. high.

Every holiday is an excuse for off-roader’s to take on the beast. Whether that means taking out the dirt bike, quads, dune buggy’s or a couple of old skateboards.

The Grady family brought out their two sand racer’s and quads to enjoy President’s Day weekend.
The RZR XP 4 1000 a top of Sand Mountain near Fallon, NV.

As a safety precaution, riders are encouraged to have flags and lights to help avoid any type of collisions from happening.

A flag on top of the Grady family’s dune buggy.

Sand Mountain is a desert oasis that Nevada has but it seems like most people don’t know about. Other singing sand dunes reside in places like Qatar and Namibia, but luckily, we have this one right in our backyard.

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