No To H.J. Res. 69

A special topic has risen up about wildlife in Alaska. Its has many people standing on their feet to give their views and opinion. The H.J. Res. 69 is a rule overturned by the U.S House of congress and purpose by Don Young, Congressman, and former licensed trapper. The rules allow hunter to prohibit cruel and inhumane hunting techniques and all the stuff seen in a wild animal attack films reenacted in real life within sanctuary and refuge.

What is it?

The federal rule has been in the well developed for many years to help benefits wildlife and nature itself and now the member overturn the federal rule by the H.J.Res. 69. It was to keep the hunter to not use bears traps, shooting animal in helicopter, killing bears during hibernation, killing wolf pups in their dens and to minimum damage to minimum within the ecosystem.The votes was 225 to 193, the majority who sided with the overturn was the Republican, but there was 10 who oppose it. They were Reps. Dan Donovan and Peter King of New York, Frank LoBiondo, Tom MacArthur, and Chris Smith of New Jersey, Martha McSally of Arizona, Dave Reichert of Washington, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Fred Upton of Michigan. Those 10 have some brains and good sportsmanship to goes against it. Now it allows lazy hunters to do all those things and their another catch to the overturn. The hunter can now hunt within sanctuary and refuges.

True Motive

Hunter can hunt in any Alaska’s sanctuary and refuge,but it does not stop there, it applies to the country’s national wildlife refuge and sanctuary. All over within the U.S. territory hunter can kill animal in unsportsmanlike conduct. Congress also add the block administration, so any rules to oppose the overturn is issue will be denied and made as only Congress can modify the rules. The majority voted along did this for the N.R.A ( National Rifle Association), Safari Club, hunting Guides, and outfitter. All those associated with them would profit off the the overturn, for more gun purchases, trophy game, and pelts. To help increase the income of Alaska economy, but in fact they did the opposite. Alaska gets its income from tourism and guess why tourism go to Alaska. For the experience of the Alaskan wilderness, from it 16 major sanctuary and refuge. The sanctuary and refuge house more than 430 species of animal and their main attraction are the bears and wolfs.

The wildlife contribute little more than two-billion dollar to Alaska tourism income.

Scientist Back up

Then there the population with bears and wolves that congress tend to help stop local animal attack on citizen, caribou and mooses. On a scientific-guess, they with the low population of predator, it likely decrease the wild animal attacks on towns and city. It will also help rise the population for moose and caribou in progress for their hunting games. A group of scientist shown that hunting of bears and wolves will not increase the population of the moose and caribou population do human are already hunting them for their antler and pelts. As the reports on animals attacking human, is causes when people are getting too close to an animal to take a picture and it a rare chance incident you will encounter wild animal in town or city. Due to animal distinct sense, animals will only go into an area where they that is safe or in control.

Glory of the Hunt

For hunter case, this new federal rules may be acceptable hunting and taking part in a trophy games is the thrill for them, but it not sportsmanlike. To fly in a helicopter and shooting on sight on anything that moves there no fun in hunting if you don’t know what you’re chasing. It goes with the steel-bear traps, it not a trophy if you didn’t do anything and it cruel instrument that kills animal and sometime trapper to because the misplace their traps. The steel bears traps have a lock jaw with a force of 50 lbs snaps, enough force to pierce skin and break bones. If one was to step on such a traps they will be immobilized, in agonizing pain, and bleed to death, and most called it cruel animal without a clean kill. There is no fame or glory in killing wolves pups in their very own den as bear during hibernation. It not right to kill these two predator during that season of mating, even their population is very low in Alaska there are friendly wolf pack that have been around human civilization so long, they adapted to them and views them as neutral animals.

For those who voted against the overturned and made petition on, every activist have your thanks in you mission to redo the new federal law. This overturn is truly cruel and unsportsmanlike conduct towards hunting games and protected animals. Killing animals without the thrill of chase, where is the glory in that and destroying their homes to and rid of predator to help the population. All false propaganda to make the those who agree with the law, to make out as good person and not as bad guy.