For Mimi

July 14th, 2017

Dear Journal,

Not sure if anyone will read this but my name is Wilbur the Tumor and I live inside of a human being who I know nothing of nor do I care. I am starting to strongly feel this place is not meant for me but I want to leave one lasting message to a world that has and will never welcome me.

World, my message to you is that I have met my match and my executioner. I say this with mixed emotions. My existence has caused so much pain but I met something who has been a calming force. A force I can only explain as a force not from this world. A force that has rid me of my evils and guided me to a peaceful night. Perhaps that is why I am writing this piece, because I have never before witnessed something so special and godly. My existence is near its end but I am proud to tell you that it is because I have truely met someone of greatness. Someone who has moved me and slayed me. I am not sure how much more I can go on but I have to tell the world about Mimi.

I met Mimi on the date I was born. I recall it being a stormy night. I was born angry and crying because I had caused so much sorrow but Mimi came and brushed away my tears. I think back now how someone so gentle could be so ferocious and wise. She taught me something that day. Life is filled with uncontrollable disastors but Mimi says it is all about perspective. Mimi said I would die on July 24th but that I would die a graceful death, a peaceful death, and that my human would champion for me with triumph for years to come. This Mimi…who exactly is Mimi??

Mimi is Mimi. Mimi is physically strong. Mimi is mentally strong. Mimi is calm. Mimi is beautiful. Mimi is intelligent. Mimi is gentle. Mimi is fast. Mimi is well liked. Mimi is gritty. Mimi is courageous. Mimi is courageous. She is of courage and bravery that can only be born through immense fear and a true understanding of this world. After all, how can you be brave until you realize there are so many things in this world that can kill you but still exhibit fortitude and know deep down in your heart you can survive. That is what Mimi symbolizes. Courage is running up a burning building when you know the building is burning and you still go up. You not only go up but you run up Kenny even faster. You run up Kenny faster and stronger even though your scared out of your mind. Mimi is burning and Mimi doesn’t care. Mimi is courageous.

Mimi if you ever read this, I bow to you. Mimi you are of legends. I do not know how you are able to do what you do but I have my theories. My theory is that you are not from this earth. You were born from the sun because how does one shine so bright in time of darkness? Mimi is hopeful. Mimi is hope. Mimi I want to know how you stay positive when there were no reasons to be positive. Hope is knowing I was going to die when I was just born. How do you know that Kenny was going to outlive me? What is this source of hope? How do you exude so much happiness? There could only be one answer: your birth from the sun. That and the comeback.

The comeback. I think it’s time I go over the last piece everyone wants to know — how did Mimi slay me?? Mimi inspired the comeback and that comeback killed me. I am curious why these humans call it a comeback but I believe in sports a comeback indicates a team’s revival from perceived defeat. Mimi is that revival. Kenny was in the blink of defeat but Mimi inspired and lead the comeback. Mimi is the comeback and the comeback is composed of so many things. By Pythagorean theorem: Mimi is basketball. Mimi is family and friends. Mimi is your sister’s wedding. Mimi is a picnic on a hot sunny day. Mimi is going to Disneyland on a weekday. Mimi is having dinner with your CFO. Mimi is going to the gym and running 6 miles. Mimi is going on vacation. Mimi is coming back to work. Mimi is eating healthy. Mimi is picturing your future wife’s wedding dress. Mimi is envisioning your son’s first baseball game. Mimi is waking up from your surgery thankful to be alive. Mimi is waking up in the middle of the night knowing you will be alive. Mimi is the comeback.

P.S. Wilbur was here. Please remember me world. I was a tumor but I also met Mimi in my life and that gave me worth. Thank you Mimi. I hope the human who outlives me will truly understand how great of a human being you are.

Goodbye world — I’ll miss you because of Mimi.

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