For those who believe


4356 Rockwell Ave, San Marino, CA 91108

Dear Mrs. Chu,

If you are reading this letter then that means FutureCorp worked and my silly five thousand dollars was not spent in vain! I have no idea if this electronic transmission gets through to you but as you mentioned to me in 2017, you just have to believe and have hope.

FutureCorp restricts the amount of words I can send through time so I’ll have to keep this short but there are so many things I want to tell you!

For example as I am writing this and holding back my tears, I noticed I addressed you as. Mrs. Chu. Yikes, I will never get tired of calling you that. You are my wife and my life.

As I look back at our lives together, I regret not telling you so many things that I was feeling at that time. That you took my breath away at Las Vegas in that black mini dress. That I wish you could see yourself through my eyes (you would be the most beautiful girl in the world that would never talk to me). That sometimes I watch you sleep next to me and it brings me this sense of calm. That everytime I look at your goosebumps on your arms I wish I would have a jacket with me to put over you. That it brings me a lot of pride to be able to provide for you and that…

(FutureCorp: Kenny Chu you have 10 mins remaining. Please provide closing statements.)

Your date today is 5/18/17 and I really need you to know that this rough patch you are dealing with will pass. Please don’t get angry at me for paying five thousand dollars just to tell you this because you know I have always been a dreamer and I’ll never stop dreaming. I don’t know if you will ever read this but know that this time of your life will pass so quickly and that you have so many wonderful years ahead of you. Our children have grown up amazing and our grandchildren are just as so. You haven’t worked a single day now and spend most of your days looking out the window wondering what else this world has to offer. Withstand this time my dear and show the mental fortitude you have shown all your 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. You are so strong, courageous, and beautiful but you don’t even know it. I guess that’s why the best things in life are truely hidden huh? I hope this reaches you -show some grit.

Lastly, I have loved you for 49 years and I’ll continue to love you with a passion that this world has never seen before.

P.S. Our grandchildren, Fin and Jackie say hi. They are complete angels.



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