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For a lot of us, we either feel or know someone who feels like they have a void inside, or the feeling that they can do so much better than they are, that they can bring much more of themselves out into the world, change it, and bring more value to others. Yet, a lot of us don’t know where to begin, don’t know what drives us, what our passions are. I believe that all of this has much to do with distractions, the many we are now faced with, having to decide whether we’ll give them time or not.

Distractions are everywhere, they are always looking for ways to get our attention. There used to be a time when you didn’t have much to watch on TV, or so much content to read, no internet, no streaming services, such an abundant access to alcohol and even sex. We are overly stimulated, we now binge watch along with binge drinking for the weekends. This brings a lot of procrastination, I understand why we work all day, and of course we should find some time to relax, but we should also do that which makes us feel alive, which brings us joy. We need to relieve some of the stresses in our lives….we need to prioritize our dreams and ourselves.

These are just some of my current thoughts and some of the things that have been bothering me. I am thinking of trying the following to put some order back into my life, to find my drive and purpose once again

1. Meditation or Alone time

This has actually been helping me a lot. For some time I just couldn’t think of being alone (I sometimes still fight it) but when I finally make the time, I find that meditation brings me clarity, while sitting alone and in silence allows me to think clearly.

2. Writing

I don’t consider myself a writer (this is actually the first time I am ever publishing something I’ve written, so please be gentle), but I have found something therapeutic in writing, journaling, and dialoguing. It has helped me really put my thoughts into order and finding a direction as to where I want to go, what I like, and what I am actually feeling.

3. Prayer

This one is one I’ve always done while laying in bed, before I shut my eyes for the night, sometimes next to my boys, I pray, I pray for what I am grateful for, my family, my friends, my career, my health. I ask for guidance, strength, and protection for everyone I love. It has really help me keep a positive mindset as well as a positive and grateful spirit

4. Learning

I am an avid reader, I am always eager to learn as much as I can. I read a lot of personal development, spiritual texts, as well as some fiction to feed the imagination. I use sites like Linda and Udemy to learn new skills and read great education blogs to get as much education and ideas as I can. This I feel helps me keep the mind working, always ready to pick up on something I can do next.

I am hoping to start a conversation by sharing my thoughts, I would love to hear what everyone else who has the same feelings and thoughts as me, what they have been doing to begin their journeys, to stop procrastinating and begin doing that which they have always wanted to accomplish.

Please share your thoughts, I would love to learn from you…

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