Spring Awakening

This morning as I walk through my quaint NYC block, taking in all the flowers, the beautiful blossoms, and the great almost summer weather…it creates a sort of walking zen state in which I begin to understand more why since a long ways back the spring has been used as a metaphor for a new beginning.

After a long winter, full of its grays, browns, and other monochromatic colors. The cold, snow, running in to scape the freezing wind, we begin to blur the line of time, it feels it will last forever and it will just never end. No wonder it is likened to death sometimes. Yet, when spring comes around and the temperature is warmer and pleasant, we begin to get excited, our moods lighten, and uplift. I enjoy the spring, as it reminds me of how beautiful our lives can be, how easy we can begin and see through our new lenses, at the beauty, the warmth, and the love there is in this world.

Today is a new beginning, tomorrow is one too. Don’t let whatever is happening in your life today be the end, because with each end there is a new beginning. Our stories are never over, they are chapters always being written, even if it isn’t by us and instead by those we live behind; but lets build such amazing characters that it makes their lives easier by knowing just what we will do in similar situations. Enjoy your spring and start a new chapter in an already amazing life.