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Kenny Hansmire is doing everything in his power to help reduce the number of children who are reported missing in the United States every year. He is the Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Association and its National Child Identification Program.
 A former professional football player, he has partnerships with the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions in support of the initiative. The Lions partnered with the United Auto Workers Union and the Fords Motor Company. “We believe in safety first,” said Ford Vice President for Labor Affairs Bill Dirksen. “we are proud to stand with our UAW partners, the Detroit Lions and the American Football Coaches Association and support the National Child ID Program.”
 The NCIDP makes available inkless fingerprint ID kits. Using them, parents are able to take and store the fingerprints of their children, for use in the event of an emergency. The inkless fingerprinting system is seen as a big improvement over conventional fingerprinting systems. They produce detailed fingerprints without the mess. The kits provided by the NCIDP are easy to use, and parents don’t need to have any fingerprinting experience. The kits include an inkless fingerprinting card, a DNA collection envelope, and a cut-out wallet card.
 Kenny Hansmire is also the former Chairman of the Texas versus the Nation All-Star Game. He is a graduate of Howard Payne University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and minored in Education.

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