How to Trade your BNT on MyEtherWallet (v1.4)
Asaf Shachaf


I tried to purchase BNT through the MyEtherWallet solution yesterday, but “lost” the Ether I used in the process. Could you please help me figure out what I did wrong and if I can still access it?

Here is what I did:

I followed your MyEtherWallet instructions 1.0. I used MyEtherWallet and imported my ImToken wallet. After completing step 2 of the instructions, 1ETH was sent and I received 1 ETH2 in ImToken instead. I then tried to convert this ETH2 back into ETH by sending it to to another wallet app: “Ethereum Wallet”. Now I can neither see ETH nor ETH2. Therefore, it appears to be “lost”.

This is the ImToken wallet address: 0xF690Db4c9EfE5925fBE71637e782a278fcf7F3a7

This is the Ethereum Wallet addres:


Any help is much appreciated!

Kind regards,