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10 UI|UX designers instagram accounts to follow for inspiration

Every day social networks brings lots of important information and many times it doesn’t. Instagram can be a source of inspiration, information and entertainment, therefore we’re always trying to find the ones we want to keep and share. Personally I’m always looking for accounts that may provide me some inspiration, but lately I’ve focused more on following people and startups that show their working process with the latest trends.

If you want to become a better designer, you must surround yourself with daily inspiration that makes you want to work with new ideas.

Be sure to have the inspiration you need for those things you love.

Let me show you 10 Instagram accounts for your UI|UX inspiration:

1. Tubik Studio (tubikstudio)

This is my favorite one. Tubik, a design studio where any web/apps designers would love to work. All their projects are oriented UX & pixel perfect UI. Their instagram is such a wonderful creative world.

The Studio also works with motion design, graphics and branding. Check their webpage for more inspiration.

2. Witty Digital (wittydigital)

Witty Digital is located in Israel. It is a digital Creative and Marketing agency focused on creating digital experiences and unique visual identities.

In particular, I love this one because their timeline is full of innovative and functional designs. The account has lots of posts and videos of app/web designs, branding projects and great quotes. Take a look and see what I mean.

3. Barthelemy Chalvet (agenceme)

I’d found this one recently. Barthelemy is a web designer characterized by his interfaces design with a cool and minimalist style.

In his account you will find the projects he’s working on & life style.

4. Nick Buturishvili (nick_buturishvili)

Nick, UI|UX designer based in Georgia, shows his latest work, highlighted by a selection of modern typography, fresh colors and interactions.

The motion graphic lovers will find elements animation (made in after effects) essentials in a good interaction design.

5. Ranjith Alingal (ranjithalingal)

A UI|UX designer from Bangalore, India, who loves the web.

Ranjith, who is always challenging himself, he stands out by his beautiful designs and user-orientated graphic design.

His instagram inspires us with his logotypes, icons, illustrations and interfaces design.

6. Michal Korwin-Piotrowski (dsgnr_)

A visual artist from poland, who works at the famous UX design platforms UXPin. His personal instagram account (and his dribbble too) shows his love for design and unique working style. The interfaces are full of colors and shapes that will instantly makes us want to design something. Check his playbook for more inspiration.

7. Tonik Studio (wearetonik)

This is a design studio located in Poland, the focus their work is branding, web & mobile development.

Their instagram shows their the team work… and a lot pizza parties too. Check it out and have fun!

8. Graphic Design UI (graphicdesignui )

This account is managed by Titanic Themes team, it provides us a lot of posts, ranging from designing apps and websites to illustrations and lettering (many of these featured in dribbble). It keeps us abreast of the latest digital design world trends.

9. UX|UI Gifs (gifux)

As the name indicates, this account shows daily stunning animations and inspiration of UI|UX projects.

If you want to learn about the interactions design, or if you want inspiration from great effects for prototyping and mockups animation, you should definitely check it out.

10. UI|UX Design Inspiration (uidesignpatterns)

This account is an attractive option for those designers who wish to show their work. They should only stick to tag your photos with @uidesignpatterns to be selected and presented to the community of UI designers on instagram.

There are many great accounts to follow for inspiration out there, please let me know your favorite ones in the comments.

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Have a great day!


I’m a UI|UX Designer Lead at Sokrato Management & Chief Design Officer at JMBP

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Digital Communication Specialist who loves design, technology, and photography.

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