10 Songs That Will Make You Feel Alive

Music is one of the rare things in the world that almost everyone likes. I mean really… who hates music? Most of us would even go as far as saying we love it. Our favorite songs invoke emotions that allow us to relive memories and reflect on the past or dream about the future.

For a lot of people, music is a coping mechanism. After a long day at work, a fight with a significant other, or even something as serious as suicidal thoughts, music can bring us back to our happy place.

Often it can be hard to communicate the exact way you’re feeling about something and when a song nails such a specific state of mind, it resonates immediately. It can be comforting to know that you’re not alone in feeling a certain way.

Music allows us to express ourselves. Every song tells a different story, makes us feel some kind of emotion and instigates a response — whether it’s jumping up and down dancing or sitting under the stars thinking about life. As humans, we want to release our emotions whether they’re positive or negative, and music allows us to do that.

These are my 10 favorite songs. They invoke feelings everyone experiences from time to time—love, loneliness, vulnerability, sadness, hope, and absolute joy. Enjoy ❤

  1. Tritonal ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn- Satellite (Metamorphic Downtempo Remix)

This song will have a special place in my heart forever. I distinctly remember listening to it on the way home from a field trip when I was studying abroad in Tanzania. It was the first time I ever seriously considered the possibility of coming out. And just overall, WOW! THE FEELS! SO GOOD! haha *goosebumps*

2. Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn- Steal You Away (Club Mix)

I’m a complete dork when it comes to edm love songs. This one is super melodic, uplifting and about finding that one person you’ll never let go of. ❤

3. The Chainsmokers — Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)

Don’t Let Me Down might be one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard and this remix is FIRE!

4. Seven Lions with Myon and Shane 54 — Strangers (Feat. Tove Lo)

Another cheesy love song. The lyrics in this one “you’re the universe to me, you’re the air in my lungs.” 😍😍😍😅

5. Gareth Emery — Long Way Home

Okay this is probably going to be weird but this track tells a very specific story in my head. Here it goes… There was a natural disaster a week ago and the sun hasn’t risen since. You’re not exactly sure what happened, but you and your significant other were one of the few who survived. You two find a car and start driving toward a place you know others will be.

You’ve almost made it and in the distance you see the tip of what appears to be the sun, beginning to rise above a grassy green hill. [song stars] Immediately, you can feel the warmth of the sun hit your skin, causing an intense wave of goosebumps to rush down your body. You’re driving up the hill and see a prospering city that survived the disaster. Your partner looks at you as you both smile and think “I can’t believe we made it.”

6. LEVV — Collateral Damage (Tritonal Remix)

Tritonal is a duo I really get behind. Their musical brand is all about good vibes and love. They have a ton of melodic bangers, but this is one of their slower, more emotional pieces of work.

7. Audien — Something Better

Songs that have a female and male vocalist singing together can sound really good when done right, and this one is 😍.

8. Audien — Rooms

Most of the tracks on this list don’t go super hard, but this one does and it’s a lot of fun. The quieter sections gradually build up to huge melodic drops. P.S. Sorry for the huge thumbnail. Spotify likes to take up lots of space.

9. Gryffin & Illenium — Feel Good (ft. Daya)

When I first heard that these three artists were collaborating, I had high expectations and it did not disappoint. Daya’s voice gives off a sense of both vulnerability and bliss.

10. Porter Robinson — Sea of Voices

If you’ve never seen Porter Robinson live stop reading this right now and buy a ticket to one of his upcoming shows. He is a musical and artistic genius. This song is absolutely beautiful. If there’s music that plays when people go to heaven, it would probably be this track.

Hope you enjoyed those tracks. ❤ I would love to hear some of your favorite songs (and why). Feel free to comment and share!

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