The Facts about the Nevada Democratic State Convention on Saturday
NV Dems

“…the Sanders campaign was deliberately sharing misinformation about how the convention operates to get people riled up” — that’s a heck of a charge to make without citing a single piece of evidence. What misinformation was shared, and specifically by whom?

“We understand that the caucus to convention process can be confusing.” That’s your own fault. If it’s confusing, explain it to people beforehand. Or just dump the asinine caucus system in the first place. And if a convention has to be shut down, explain that to people. Don’t entertain a motion and a second, stop to confer for several minutes, and then adjourn without comment. That’s just complete ineptitude on the part of NVDems leadership.

“It is time to fix the tone and tenor of this Democratic primary…” Go ahead. Stop making baseless accusations, stop trying to convince Bernie Sanders to drop out before all voters have had their say, stop feeding us complete B.S. like in the article above. You don’t get to screw up this bad and then say “we have to fix the tone and tenor” in order to escape much-deserved criticism.

What happened at the state convention was not an isolated incident. It was just “more of the same.”

I was a delegate at my county caucus in Douglas County, and rules changed on the fly the entire time. The agenda was not adhered to, people were given different amounts of time to speak for/against party platform proposals, “surprise” campaign speeches from candidates who have nothing to do with the presidential primary, and the entire process was a complete cluster of nobody knowing what was going on. And when the leaders tried to vet/disqualify Bernie alternates before seating them as delegates (they said only people who were willing to commit to attend the state and national conventions would be seated, a requirement not made for Hillary delegates before they were seated), I brought up the very rules sent out before the convention, which stated that alternates would be seated in the order in which they checked in. With me pointing the rule out to them on the printed email FROM them, they told me that it “wasn’t a rule,” despite it being clearly written on the rule sheet.

And this followed my local caucus, in which SIX separate caucuses were being held IN THE SAME ROOM, AT THE SAME TIME. Nobody could hear our speakers because of all the other talking and applause breaks in other sections of the room. Those letters read from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton? Not one of us had any idea what was said in them. It’s impossible to hear a quiet speaker in a room with five other speakers all trying to be heard at the same time. Even when it came time for counts, people didn’t even know they were being counted, because it was such a disorganized mess.

But don’t call it “confusing” and pretend that the reason is anything other than incompetence and malfeasance in the leadership of NVDems.

Your actions have consequences. Your efforts to squeeze out a few extra delegates here and there are going to cost the nominee, whoever it ends up being, tens of thousands of votes in November. Between peoples’ party affiliations being changed without their knowledge, lines at polling places up to eight hours long, and shenanigans like what we’ve all seen take place in Nevada, Bernie supporters are going to turn away from the party. And if super delegates make Bernie the nominee, then Hillary’s supporters will see that it’s THEIR voices that are then being dismissed, and they will abandon the party (and yet that’s exactly what super delegates are for, isn’t it? To overrule the people if those super delegates deem it necessary).

We’re already at a point where Hillary Clinton cannot reach the 2,383 delegates required to win the nomination before the convention (well, not unless she sweeps the June 7th states, which is very unlikely), and going into a contested convention you’re trying to paint Bernie’s campaign as dirty, without presenting so much as a SINGLE SHRED of evidence to back up your accusations.

The people want honesty from their politicians and the parties that those candidates represent, and you obviously have no intention of being honest with the people. Those of us who watched the convention can see that most of what you say above is completely made up spin, and we will not accept it.

The bias of NVDems is plain to see. I don’t understand how a major political party could be so disorganized, so full of dirty tricks, so incredibly afraid of the voices of its members, and still survive. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and this election will spell the end of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

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