Money: Master The Game- The Secret to Living is Giving (Book #4)

Prior to and when hearing about Tony Robbins, I was as much as a skeptic as anyone hearing about him for the first time would be. Best known as a motivational speaker, it was not until I gave it some of my time that I found out that he is the real deal. Despite earning millions, maybe even hundreds of millions doing what he does in his seminars, anyone who takes the time to see what it is that he does so well, will be on the bandwagon as well (except this bandwagon is made to last). Being a guy who is really out there to make lives of millions better (no understatement, really), you’d really be able to see how much value he adds into the lives of people he’s come into contact with, hopefully I can say the same for me in the long run.

The foreword of the book says “to the soul who will never settle for less than they can be, do, share and give”, which pretty much sums up the real intent of the book. The tips are abundant, but the title can be misleading. Upon reading my first couple of pages, I was hooked because I could see what the author was trying to say. It is so much written so one can be a better investor of their time, money and themselves even. While I may not expound on the theories laid out in the book (that is for you to explore on your own), I’ll just say that this is a book worth reading a few times over. A financial and investment education laid out in a book, all for your afternoon read.

No elusive runs, no unrealistic bullshit (excuse the language), the author is out there for you as much as you’re out there for yourself. Depending on how much you’re planning to learn, this book can take you as far as that. From the fundamentals to the advanced aspects of investing, you can expect to learn a thing (or two, or a a whole lot more) from reading this book, and that’s what it has been like for me. Also, the book is as practical as it can get, laying out suggestions so that you can start right away, or some that would really take you all the way (until your retirement and beyond). It warped my views about “compounded interest”, which is really the magic in investing, by the way, and why it is important to start since one is young. It also teaches various practical ways to save, with principles such save SMT (Save More Tomorrow) by pledging to save a measly 3% from your next raise in pay on top of the 10% you set aside today, and in just a few years time, you’ll be saving 20% with the least amount of effort. Granted, some may argue that it may be hard with all the factors in play (inflation, rising of costs, etc) but really, 3% of your overall rise in pay is practically something you didn’t have in hand in the first place.

Then, what do I do with all those savings? The book also addresses that with ample of choices that you can have, also might I add which might be tough for one living outside the US, like me, but the education is valuable nonetheless. Most of these lessons can be used where ever you are, no matter which stage of saving and investing you’re beginning from.

At its’ end, Tony Robbins emphasizes on the importance of giving back, and very much why he started the book in the first place. With much more people educated on how to better use their money, he saw it as a way to helping people by the large masses (millions). At the root of it all is philanthropy.

A part of what I earn is mine to keep — George Samuel Clason, The Richest Man In Babylon

As much as we think so today, the value on the money we earn today diminishes greatly over time, making it even more important to be good managers of your own money.

All men dream, but not equally — T.E Lawrence

How far do you dream?

P.S: this book taught me a lot of things which I didn’t see for myself the first time, a lot of it were simple and easy lessons to be better stewards of my money and income, something that you and I will not lose anything by learning, but gaining a whole lot more.

Oh and also for those of you who aren’t so fond of outrightly reading a 700page book and want to have a sort of peek into what it is, this video’s for you:

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