Yes! The new Civic application of blockchain both underlines cryptocurrencies and undermines centralised controls…

We all knew that Bitcoin was just an example, not an end in itself. That’s clearly visible as of the Civic announcement:

Just as cryptocurrencies remove the need to change money when you cross national borders, so blockchain can remove the need for our plethora of identity documents and passports, whilst at the same time removing our very real fear of identity theft. This is an obvious application of what is essentially peer-to-peer technology, where trust is secured without the intervention of third-party traditional gatekeepers. Just as obviously, it shows the groundswell support for a more free and open global society; most glaringly it flies in the face of the nationalistic-jingoistic-xenophobic polarising of politics that has ushered in a Brexit-Trump-us-for-ourselves era.

It’s fascinating to watch all of these trends in play.