Why we really started Personify Care

When someone in our family is dealing with a serious health issue, we put our trust in health professionals to get them back to their best possible health.

Healthcare professionals are on balance amazing human beings. They become health professionals to help people get better. Personify Care’s goal is to be the cause of more patients getting back to their best possible health, by helping health professionals to reach the patients that need them most each day.

Personify Care is the combination of two ideas that haven’t been previously combined: Patients desperately want and need personalised care beyond their hospital stay. Health professionals want nothing more than to give their patients personalised care. By putting a personalisation engine in the hands of health professionals, we empower them to deliver their carefully crafted, proven clinical protocols in a way that is not only more efficient for hospitals but also better for patients and clinicians.

To make a meaningful dent in this universe, we have to contribute value. Our value will be measured by the number of times our products are used to deliver clinical protocols multiplied by the number of times patients act on those protocols.

More proven protocols reaching patients.

More patients following their protocols.

More patients getting back to good health without needing to be readmitted.

If in doubt, we should ask ourselves whether we would be happy, if the patient in question happened to be our child, parent or family member. At all times, we should put the interests of patients first, before even our own. That may be counterintuitive in a for-profit business, but in this business it works; it’s more sustainable (in much the same way as telling the truth is). The market need has never been greater for solutions that control the soaring costs of healthcare that simultaneously deliver better care for patients. So putting patients first isn’t just something we do altruistically, it also happens to be the best thing to do commercially. Putting patients first often relies on being a good person, so Personify Care’s team must be made up of good people.

We should remember that we exist to help health professionals deliver personalised care to their patients. We are not health professionals. We are there to help them deliver smarter, safer care, but not get in the way of their therapeutic relationship. Health professionals don’t need our advice on how to look after their patients. So we should listen closely and find ways of amplifying their efforts to bring humanity back to healthcare.

Personify Care is a startup, and must remain one. The customers we work with are looking for new ways of thinking and solutions that actually work, so it’s critical that Personify Care practises what it preaches. We have to be fast, efficient, informal, and focused on essentials. If something seems like the sort of thing a big company would engage in, it’s probably a mistake.

Successful companies are driven less by money than by a consuming interest in what they’re working on. This principle extends to the people we hire too. What drove us to start Personify Care was that it seemed like a cool idea: that if we allowed health professionals to do more of what they got into healthcare to do — care for patients, there would be a lot more patients getting back to their best possible health, faster. Focus on helping patients get more of their clinician’s care, and everything else will follow.

Ken Saman & Ivan Peevski

P.S. we’re hiring!

We’ll be sharing the details of specific roles we’re looking to fill soon…

If you’d like us to keep you posted on new roles, or you know good people who might want to help us make a dent in the healthcare universe, we’d love to hear from you via: careers@personifycare.com