I thought this article was pretty good until I hit this.
Marc Whipple

Lot of assumptions and inaccuracies here. I won’t go on pointing them out, as I see that many others have already.

What I will say is that blaming Apple is misdirected and meaningless. Ad-blocking is the right of any consumer, and to exercise that right is fundamental to the very nature of the web. I block on the browser, I block on my router — I will always block no matter what. My general experience of the web is torn to pieces otherwise. Ad providers and sites have long abused their ability to just throw their dung at the consumer with impunity. Most of us are sick, have been sick of it for a long time.

The fundamental problem of the ad industry, is that we pay for their rubbish in both time and actual bandwidth. We don’t always know what lies ahead of a google click-thru, we have it foisted upon us with no recourse other than to block. This is why blocking will always be around, will always win.

The problem that scares you and other purveyors of the problem, is how easy Apple has made it for the end user. At the end of the day, this is what will take down this revenue stream. Install an app and turn on the option in your preferences. Done and done.