An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Stephanie just nails it in this post.

Myself, I’ve always had a job since I was 13. My work history looks like this:

Pet Store Assistant, Dishwasher, Factory Worker, Food Delivery Driver, Host, Waiter, Bartender, Computer Operator, Junior Programmer, Front End Developer, UX designer, Team Lead, Consultant, and CEO/Startup Founder.

You don’t always have to be in an ideal job and you don’t have to be a startup founder to learn some real shit and make solid progress in the world.

To be clear, I think everyone deserves to have their dream job and they should chase that. But I’ve learned a lot from a lot of less than ideal jobs that have helped me get to the next step.

It’s all about understanding that making progress is not always linear.