How not to start a startup
Bram Krommenhoek

I see your point, but I think the reason a lot of people want to start a business is because they want to be in control without having to climb some social ladder or brown-nose some big-wig. To me, a purely capitalistic drive, is, well, a drive to make money and achieve personal financial success. These days, its hard to disconnect ourselves enough from communistic ideas to actually understand what a capitalist is. It’s also hard for a non-capitalist to see this desires as being anything but selfish, greedy, and tyrannical. I personally like to keep my family and friendships as disconnected from work as possible, as a manager may be called upon to make hard decisions and I would not want to lose a true friend for financial or business reasons. You also have to juggle the idea that friendships in the workplace can also lead to cronyism and other forms of favoritism, which I regard as unethical. I do agree that if being a part of the group is the main reason for getting into business, its better to just work for someone else in a well-established organization.

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