On the whole, people are obsessed with showing off to the world what they do not have. In an equally obsessed way, they try very hard to hide everything they possess.

Let’s begin with things they don’t possess first.

Such as…

Cars they don’t own outright, houses they have not paid off and holiday trips they know they should not be taking because they still have not paid off last year’s personal loans yet.

The superficial “friendships” with some famous people (namely the usual suspects like Gary Vee, Anthony Robbins or some celebrities from Hollywood or whatever) they look up to or aspire to become…

All there is to it was just a selfie opportunity. Or worse still, to want a picture with Tony/Gary or Will Smith (let’s say), you pay another $300 extra for your ticket, OK?!

Or in the case of Jho Low, his rationale would have been a few million dollars to have Paris in his party, wow! Why not!!! Not my money anyway!!

These very same group people are also showing off on social media — whether it is to increase the number of “Likes” they will receive for their business (if they have one) or just to win more friends and to “influence” more people — knowledge, wisdom or expertise they don’t necessarily possess other than snippets of videos showing them “giving talks” (on God knows what) to huge crowds of audience on stage…

They also show off their loving spouses, kissing and hugging lovingly, or their children winning academic and sports prizes…

They also show off their beautiful meals in fancy restaurants and caption them off as “a nice and simple lunch” which cost them an arm and two legs…

It is therefore NO WONDER that when a certain A-Lister in the Mandarin pop music scene is going through a divorce that everyone is so shocked.

But what is all this fuss about, really?

Don’t we know that, like so many of us, this couple is also faking it, boasting they have things and relationships that they don’t have. Showing off to the world that they are enjoying the fruits of their efforts which they never did put in at all anyway!!!!!!

Leehom or no Leehom, he is no different from us all. We are not that different from him also. Do you hear that? Especially those of you who are criticizing him left and right. Freaking hypocrites. He is. You are. We are. I am. That’s what we all are! Am I defending him? He’s done nothing for me. I don’t even listen to his songs. So, hell no — I want to have nothing to do with him! Do I feel sorry for his wife, eh former wife? Hell no!! I don’t have time for this non-sense either. Not my nonsense anyway!

Now, let me go back to the topic of hypocrites again for a while, OK…?

For example, we seldom spend time playing with our children, but in the few occasions that we do, we snap lots of photos to fool ourselves that we’ve been really intimate with them.

For example, we seldom spend time talking and laughing with our spouses. But in the occasional wedding dinner we attended, we took great pains and care to find the best angles to shoot some really beautiful photos to show the world that we are also the model couple our friends had portrayed on FB. Wait let’s take a few more from a few different angles for my Instagram account. And then some selfies for my WeChat’s 朋友圈 also yeah!

For example, we have never flown in a private jet before, but we took lots of photos in the studio (displayed in the shopping mall) to show our friends as if we fly in and out of cities and countries regularly. Fortunately, this type of private jet selfies have noticeably reduced significantly over the last two years — one of the few “good” things brought about by the ‘pandemic’, I suppose!

So, AGAIN, you ask me, where s the need to be SHOCKED by the fact that a publicly famous clean-looking, good-looking, happy-looking, loving-looking couple is breaking up???

We are all busy pretending to possess whatever we’re showing off to the world which we don’t really possess, anyway.

If we are to show off things we truly possess, relationships we actually have, things we truly own, bizarre habits we have but are trying very hard to conceal, the stinky skeletons we hoard in our closets which we’re too ashamed for the world to find out, we will not be able to stand looking at ourselves in the mirrors — not even for five seconds!

That’s the freaking ugly reality. What we don’t have, we try to project to the world, as if we have them all. As if we have them all sorted out. What we actually have, the demons, the skeletons and dark forces, we hide them safely under the surface, in the closet, under the bed…

That’s the freaking ugly reality. And that’s OK! We are all equally guilty. We are all equally ugly. We must take the bitter pill first to turn our lives around. So, in a way the famous couple is on to something good in the future, hopefully, albeit in separate ways, so what???? And stop being so busy-body, us all, OK???

Admit to everything that’s crappy about us. Accept the fact. And then change it. Improve them one decision at a time. Each step is a decision. Each breath is a moment to make change and to continue to make change. Keep on keeping on, as they said.

The real life is what we do after we have taken our happy-looking, success-cueing and jealousy-provoking selfies. The selfies are the distractions. Things we do between selfies are the actual real deals. Don’t swap what is real for what is nothing more than an illusion. What is real is your life. What is real is that you are still breathing. You still have enough health and be grateful for that. Use your breathes to do what is real, things that really matter, words that really care, words that are honest. And actions and deeds that will really bring tangible results in terms of creating long-lasting memories with and for our loved ones… and NOT the glitzy photos you religiously post up for the whole freaking world to see. The world don’t care. That probably explains why people are doing it so repetitively because deep down inside they are afraid that people might for forget how “glamourous” their lives actually are.

I don’t care how beautiful your curves are, ladies. I have a few on my FB list of friends doing that. Frankly, I am getting a bit fed up of them by now — no matter how beautiful they are.

I don’t care how much money you have, Mr Public Listed Company Founder! I also have a few of such younger and also not-so-young-anymore-mavericks on my FB list of friends, happy for you. But, no offence man, you actually make me feel envious, even jealous more than you make me feel inspired.

I don’t care how fit you look. I don’t care how muscular you are wearing your six or even eight pack abs above your waist or how strong your biceps look.

I don’t care how expensive your LV handbag is. I don’t care how many amazing hairstyles you can have in a week, you can’t, as they say, bring them to the grave. I don’t care how beautiful your meals look on Instagram. I AM SURE THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT & PRECIOUS THINGS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIVES…

If you have not taken your moment-of-truth medication this morning, do it now and get back to work. Yours sincerely is definitely and admittedly guilty to everything he has mentioned above too. I can’t write from perspectives other than my own…

Let’s all take our medication quickly now and then get back to doing our unfinished work that truly matters. That, I think, will make us all sleep better at night. Tired but fulfilled. Exhausted but contented. More appropriately, it should be, “Tired and fulfilled. Exhausted and contented.”

Sleep well tonight.

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Ken Soong

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, I work by day and write by night. I work to build a good life and write to feel alive.