During my time at Facebook, I had an amazing role consulting with Fortune 100 Print and Broadcast companies, helping them understand how Facebook advertising could work for them. But no matter how happy my clients were, how successful my sales org was, or how bug-free the implementations were, my core job wasn’t what was getting me noticed. It was my side projects.

The lessons I learned about side projects while at Facebook were some of the most important learnings I had in my time at the New Big Blue. …

Using Plotly, Jupyter Notebook, and Excel to create a simple pipeline for beautiful radial graphs

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When my team was tasked with identifying ways to speed up the process for rocket assembly at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, we needed to evaluate the existing processes based on a number of facets and compare them against each other to find out what was working and what wasn’t.

Radial graphing is an interesting method of comparison and evaluation, so I built out a solution in Jupyter Notebook to create the graphs automagically from an excel sheet that the team had been filling out.

This article takes you through some brief background material before…

It’s the end of the final sprint! Well, sort of. For most teams this will be the final sprint, but we’ve got a little extra time because we’re slotted to present in the last space. So we’ve got until Aug 7, which means we’ll be able to put together one more sprint plan.

We’ve moved forward over the past week in each of our main areas: prototype, user tests, website, presentation, and poster.


As part of the NASA summer experience, we’ll be presenting at a poster session with interns from this summer. This was optional for us, as we’re not…

June 15, 2018

After some additional research and feedback (on feedback), we’ve decided to open our scope to the space of technician execution. To find our new area of focus, we’ve conducted more interviews, looked further into processes at Ames, and looked further at processes outside of the space industry. Let’s take a look at some of our work from this week.

During our crazy days wrapping up the end of last semester, we managed to procure three real life WADs from the TOSC group. We were manically sprinting to the finish and so didn’t find time to peruse them. …

Ken St. Clair, III

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