Midweek musings

The “miraculous” return of John McCain (more on him tomorrow), to “vote to proceed” in the GOP’s latest attempt to rid the country of everyone who isn’t rich, white or themselves, was Kabuki Theater at its finest.

On the 70th anniversary (heck, a lot of ‘anniversaries’ happening this week) of President Truman’s desegregating the military, the Twit of Twitter decides to ban transgender people from the military. Further proof that this administration’s primary function is to (attempt) to destroy everything President Obama did.

Yes, why not?

It now seems like Justin Verlander won’t be going anywhere, at least until the Winter Meetings. Of course, he could throw a no-hitter on Sunday and be traded Monday morning.

So, Boston University finds that in every case but one, former NFL players suffered from CTE. Some of these players are in the Hall of Fame, others just played for a year or two. But that’s not counting Pop Warner, High School or College. So, the damage could be up to 20 years of getting your brains scrambled.

So, it seems like Camp Runamuck is about to implode. Thump is miffed at the Attorney General for rescuing himself from the Russia investigation, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is “taking a few days off,” according to the State Department. Nobody seems to know who’s coming or going, but the Orange Menace keeps on running the White House like a Peruvian dictator.

Nowhere in my AP Stylebook does it say “reporters are required to determine what a ‘vacation’ is.” But then again, my book is 27 years old.

You know that things are bleak when your best hope for a championship is from a semi-pro soccer team and a team that hasn’t won a championship since 1957.

Too many friends are losing too many loved ones.

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