The Anderson Files, Vol. 2

1. Just what does this accomplish:

2. Or this:

3. Is this what we’re in store for for the foreseeable future? I hope not, but it sure does look like it. Tell me how this “Makes America Great Again”?

4. No, Squint, Mitch McConnell isn’t smart. He’s a smug, heartless, cruel man doing the bidding of everyone but the American people.

5. Nancy Pelosi, much like Bill Maher, isn’t going anywhere.

6. Everyone in the Trump administration is “lawyered up.” Shades of 1973.

7. Great. They made a movie about the 1967 riots. More reason for people to hate Detroit.

8. Mike Morse and Geoffrey Fieger. Two middle-aged men trying to out brag each other.

9. In two-and-a-half weeks, the Tigers have fallen from second place to last in the A.L. Central. On the flip side, they only need to win 13 more games to avoid losing 120 for the season.

10. I am looking forward to summer. When it gets here.

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