Republicans Are Increasingly Skeptical Of Higher Education. This Is Bad For All Of Us.
Ryan Huber

When less then half those who enter college either a) quit altogether, b) get expelled, or c) come close, but never finish (something that is rarely talked about), especially among male students, you have problems. The other problem is going back to Reagan and his acolytes, both federal and state aid have been reduced or stagnated. Yet, here’s the flip side: Endowments. The University of Michigan has a $3 billion fund. If they released half of that money, it could pay for every students tuition, room and board for the next 10 years. But they hold onto it because the next football coach might need a new practice facility. In 46 out of the 50 states, the highest paid public employee is either a football or basketball coach. That is why it costs $75,000 a year to attend Michigan.

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