The Uber Driver

I woke up to sunshine beaming through my apartment window in Singapore. I had work that day, a full day actually. This was my first part time job as a service worker at a cafe. During my semester off I had experienced many new things and this was one of them. I took a shower and brushed my teeth and got ready to leave the house. I usually take the public bus to work and back which takes around 30 minutes one way. Right when I was about to leave the house, it started raining outside and I made the decision to take an Uber ride to work instead. Little did I know that this Uber ride would be an interesting start to my day.

I got on the car and greeted the driver. He replied with a kind gesture and asked me how I was. I noticed something strange with his voice.

Every few seconds he would hiccup. No big deal right?

This hiccup was different, it was one of the loudest I had every heard.

Shortly after, he apologized that he had this hiccup problem. For the rest of the ride, every once in a while the Uber driver would produce a behemoth of a hiccup.

This led me to realize, what if the Uber driver was instead a salesman, translator, or a public speaker? It would affect his job in a larger way. A salesman would not be able to effectively present his products to customers. Public speakers would not be able to get their message across effectively. Hiccuping is often caused by eating too much. Anyone could make that mistake on any important day. Lawyers could consume too large of a breakfast and lose their important case.

This leads to a question.

How careful do you need to be in life? How many obstacles are there to avoid to make a perfect day?

Seemingly small mistakes can suddenly lead to much bigger problems.