Love the article and the concept! I was just looking at your scripts yesterday.
Dan Seethaler

Hi Dan!

I’m assuming you’re still using your generator to get off the ground — just using these scripts for the ongoing maintenance, correct?

Correct. I am still using my generator (like this: npx -p yo -p generator-kcd-oss -c 'yo kcd-oss') and it’s awesome. There are some things that you can’t really automatically keep up to date very well sadly (like the Code of Conduct, README, etc.). I like starting those files off and then keeping them updated for the specific project as the need arises.

Also, I didn’t quite get from the article exactly how this removes all the maintenance. Are you able to make configuration changes to your scripts library and then simply update all your projects with changes?

Correct again! If Rollup pushes out an update to improve the way it bundles, or Jest pushes out a breaking change, then I can update the configuration and code in kcd-scripts or paypal-scripts and often I can accomplish this and still push out a patch version update, so none of the other projects even need to know what changed or make any changes to benefit from the update. That’s a real win!

I hope that helps!