Introducing JavaScript Air

The live broadcast podcast all about JavaScript

I’m pleased to announce JavaScript Air! This is a live video broadcast podcast all about JavaScript and the web and the first episode, “The past, present, and future of JavaScript,” will be with BrendanEich. I couldn’t be more stoked to have the original creator of JavaScript on for the first episode of this new show.

Add the event to your calendar by RSVPing to the Google+ event.

How it works

Shows will air live using Hangouts on Air. The show will air regularly on Wednesdays at 12:00 CST. They will be available on YouTube immediately after the show and later published to an audio podcast (available on iTunes). We’ll be talking about anything relating to the JavaScript and the web. Guest and topic suggestions welcome!

The People

The show is hosted by me (Kent C. Dodds) and is paneled by some of the coolest developers around (sorted alphabetically by twitter handle of course).

I’m super excited to have these fantastic people on the show with me and I look forward to all of the awesome content we can deliver for the community!

Sponsors is the premier sponsor for the show. Several of the panelists (and me) have created content for Egghead. I recommend you go check it out and subscribe to them. They’re awesome! If you or your company is interested in sponsoring, please contact me:


Follow and/or subscribe and prepare for some wickedly awesome content! Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, RSS Feed

Brief History

A year ago Todd Motto and I started Angular Air. It’s been an awesome experience. I recently decided that I could do more for the community by focusing more on JavaScript. So I handed off management and ownership of Angular Air to Angular Class and hosting to Jeff Whelpley and I’ll be focusing my attention on JavaScript Air.

You can see the announcement in my last episode of Angular Air: “The Importance of Learning JavaScript” with Kyle (the whole episode was awesome, but if you just want to see the announcement, it was at the end).


I want to say thanks to everyone who’s supported me with Angular Air and encouraged me to keep this going. I’m looking forward to helping provide the community with high quality content to keep us all current and relevant in this exciting fast-paced industry! See you around!

One more thing

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Making software development more accessible · Husband, Father, Latter-day Saint, Teacher, OSS, GDE, @TC39 · @PayPalEng @eggheadio @FrontendMasters · #JS

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Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

Making software development more accessible · Husband, Father, Latter-day Saint, Teacher, OSS, GDE, @TC39 · @PayPalEng @eggheadio @FrontendMasters · #JS

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