Simple Ways to Make Your Car Eco-Friendly

With the rising concerns involving pollution, it has become increasingly common for drivers to resort to eco-friendly means of transportation. This is why many car owners are looking for ways to make their rides environment-friendly.

Even though cars and eco-friendliness do not necessary go hand in hand, a few changes in your driving habits and car maintenance can help you accomplish it easily.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways to make your car greener.

Get the Tyres Checked

The tyres with less air pressure than the specified limit will increase the rolling resistance of the car. This means, for a flat tyre, the engine of the car will have to work more to make the car move forward. Therefore, it is important to check your car’s tyre pressure before setting out on a trip. You can consider keeping a tyre gauge handy for this purpose.

This will ensure that the engine is not overworked and the fuel economy of the car is improved. Additionally, tyres that are adequately inflated ensure road safety and are environment-friendly as well. Apart from that, you can consider buying eco-friendly tyres for your car.

Load Cargo Properly

Improper distribution of cargo can have a negative impact on the eco-friendliness of your car. Keeping the cargo on the roof of the car makes the car less aerodynamic. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the cargo in the trunk of the car. Keeping it in the back seat can also be helpful. Additionally, it is advisable to remove cargo or any unnecessary weight from the car as soon as the trip is complete. This will increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

Get the Emission System Checked

The emission system of your car determines how cleanly and efficiently the engine has been running. This emission system should be constantly checked in order to ensure that the car is not polluting. Certain exhaust components like hoses, sensors, vacuums and so on can be installed to reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Installing these components in your car ensures that the pollutants like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons etc. are filtered properly.

Reduce the Usage of Air Conditioners

Since the air conditioning system of a car is powered by the gas, keeping it on throughout the ride may reduce fuel efficiency considerably, thus affecting the environment adversely. You can consider keeping the windows rolled down instead. That being said, keeping the windows open may reduce the aerodynamic efficiency. As a result, more gas will be used up. One of the best ways to counter this is by switching on the air conditioner for a short duration and keeping the fan on for appropriate air circulation. In addition to that, it is always wise to park your car in a shaded area.

Practice Smart Driving Habits

The way you drive has a lot to do with the eco-friendliness of your car. Proper driving practices can reduce the carbon footprint of your car significantly. Following certain measures can help you achieve this with ease. Let’s take a look at some smart driving practices here:

  • Slamming your brakes to halt the car suddenly can be quite damaging to the engine of the car. Therefore, it is always advisable to decelerate to a stop gradually. Similar steps should be followed when you are picking up speed after starting the car.
  • Speeding is a dangerous practice. Not only is it against the rules, it can increase the carbon footprint of your car by reducing harmful emissions. Ensure that the speed stays within the limit at all times.
  • Keeping your car idle even for a minute can produce toxic emissions. Therefore, it is always advisable to turn the engine off in such situations.
  • You can consider using cruise control features in your car. This will ensure a steady pace of your car by reducing speeding up and slowing down of the car.

Smart driving practices are always beneficial in turning your car green.

Such practices will not only increase the eco-friendliness of your car but also the fuel efficiency. As a result, the age of your car will also increase. However, you can consider installing DVLA private number plates to conceal the age of the car and make it look brand new.