Top 5 Luxury Cars in the World

New cars boasting of luxury are launched every day around the world. Even small to mid-size cars are labeled luxurious these days. But what truly makes a car magnificent is a question to seek out.

Several factors influence luxuriousness in a car. Besides their cushiony comfort, lavish cars have stunning craftsmanship, smooth performance and a level of elitism. Not to mention, all this comes with a whopping price tag.

The luxury cars are a delight for passengers. Usually, there is enough space for two passengers in the back. These blessed ones revel in digitally-regulated massaging chairs with ample legroom to lie back.

Are you behind the wheel? The ride will still be effortless. The top-tier cars are fitted with powerful engines and have features like night vision and autonomous braking.

Luxury cars are rarely inexpensive to run. Even with diesel models, you have to pay for expensive overhauling and insurance. If you are willing to spend a considerable sum on a luxury vehicle, here are your top 5 choices:

Mercedes S-Class

Luxury is a benchmark at Mercedes flagship. The brand rolls out Mercedes S-Class as their most exceptional motorcar.

Experience the relaxing S — Class drive with absolutely no pedal or steering wheel vibrations. Even at highway speeds, you won’t hear the tire roar or wind gust.

  • What’s more, Mercedes offers an electric-diesel hybrid capable of over 60mpg. It’s super quiet and smooth engine support instant in-gear acceleration. It zooms from 0 to 62mph in just 6.8 seconds. For boarders, it feels much quicker than that.
  • The comfort packs and executive rear on the S-Class can get you reclining chairs with a massaging feature. The standard seats are incredibly supportive too.
  • The car comes equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, fold-out tables, in addition to a 200GB hard-drive. The passengers can access high definition entertainment on individual screens.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Hardly any car brand can match the luxury distinction of Rolls-Royce. Ghost is their most economical model that lets you celebrate the ecstasy on the drive.

The car displays the affluence and elegance that reverberate with the brand. Certainly, it is the most charismatic roadster from the British manufacturer.

  • The brilliantly chosen cabin combines timeless luxury with modern efficiency.
  • With its technically superior chassis and colossal performance, you won’t be disappointed to shell out £200,000.
  • Don’t forget to issue a DVLA number plate for your cherished possession.

Range Rover

Initially designed to take the rough road, the mighty Range Rover has emerged as an opulent SUV of rare eminence.

  • With a body of Sports Utility Vehicle, the Range Rover is superbly comfortable. It runs just as smoothly on a long-drive cruise as it waddles across a swampy terrain. Its imposing built doesn’t eclipse its nimble and sophisticated presence.
  • The latest Range Rover arrives in three models — the entry model, the mid-range, and the Black Autobiography model. All three designs have a choice of diesel and petrol engines. The Autobiography model of Range Rover promises to take luxury to another level.
  • The Range Rover enjoys additional height advantage over its contenders. Sitting at the back, you can feel truly fantastic as you stride past a picturesque view.
  • The massive size has a flipside too. It can make climbing into the car a tad difficult. However, its air-suspension feature allows you to lower the body and easily get in-and-out of the car.

Bentley’s Mulsanne

Bentley has added another model to its Mulsanne range. The Speed update reiterates their capability as the world’s best sporting saloons.

  • This upgrade hasn’t altered the vehicle into a road warrior. On the contrary, it takes the stake notch higher with its luxury and poised performance.
  • The latest Mulsanne Speed at 530bhp is an outstanding feat of British engineering. Of course, at £252,000, it has a price to match.
  • You can choose a DVLA number plate to add luxury to the vehicle.

BMW 7 Series

BMW has managed to match luxury benchmarks set by its arch rivals with the BMW 7 Series.

The fancy gadgetry makes the 7 Series one of the top 5 luxury car choices.

  • The premier array includes petrol as well as diesel engines and has handling that owes more than a limousine.
  • Thanks to the facelift procedures and design tweaks, the car boasts of powerful engines and a massive amount of cutting-edge features.
  • The car is also available in a long-wheelbase version to provide added rear legroom. The latest version has a more tapered outline and is much lighter than the previous model.
  • The petrol-electric hybrid at a price of roughly £70,000 is likely to constitute only a nugget of UK sales.