Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon


Welcome to Reality 101. It’s a tough major, but it’s a pre-requisite for success in the real world.

History is another very useful course you might want to consider. I mean the history of reality — not the history that is taught in American schools and colleges.

Specifically, the history of your belief system — that America “needs a revolution” because it is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole; and you, the enlightened cadre, must change it.

Those beliefs came directly from the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union’s Communist International (Comintern). They ran information operations to introduce that belief system into our culture. They focused on building front organizations targeting education/academia, the media, and Hollywood.

Each of these organizations incubated the vile and toxic attitudes and beliefs that you describe above. These attitudes are NOT a “bug” of the system. They are a “feature” of the belief system. The “we are better people” attitude is the whole purpose of the operation. The pitiful wretches you (used to?) associate with gain their self-worth from being “better” than the rest of us mouth-breathing idiots.

History also provides clear evidence of where this belief system leads. The incidents and behaviors you describe — shunning of those who question — are innocuous. That is, until these inhuman lemmings are in power. Each time, and everywhere they gain power, they torture, imprison, slaughter, and worse, those who do not toe the line, or who are their political enemies.

That is every time. That is the one constant in this anti-human belief system. They will kill you for disagreeing with them. No matter if you are one of their clique, or are outside it.


The French Revolution; the Soviet purges, show trials, civil war, Siberian gulag, repression, and reprisals; the Chinese Cultural Revolution; the Chinese Great Leap Forward; the Khmer Rouge; the North Korean communist regime; the Cuban revolution; the Vietnamese communist re-education camps. Lots more, if you study history.

So, don’t despair. You’ve taken the first step on the long journey out of the insane world of human-haters. Welcome to Reality!

Full details on the belief system: www.willingacccomplices.com

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